Double Exposure

Digital (in camera) Double exposure

Over a decade ago I was introduced to double exposure in photography. Simply, it is the merging of two images into one photograph. This used to take meticulous lining up of negatives in the enlarger, and then watching with excitement to see if the image developed as you had hoped for on paper. Many may argue that this is half of the “Art” of this process, and I agree that it is an artistic process very different from the digital photography we know to today. However… since upgrading my camera in December (I can never thank you enough Matt!!), the clever bods at Canon have added this process in at a software level inside the camera itself!!

A very overexcited Christmas week followed, of taking base images and then lining them up using the screen to make the perfect double image. I know this is very different to the very long but artistic process established in film photography, and I don’t feel this is a direct replacement. However what technology has allowed is instant image merging, the trial and error than is pushing the types of images be created to a new level, before you have even got to the software mediums of Photoshop etc.

In short as you can tell I love this new feature, and as I become more familiar with it I hope to include it into my upcoming photo-shoots. Excited to see where the results will lead. Let me know what you think of Double exposure images? Who is up for trying these with me?

Here is an inspiring link to see some more ways others have used double exposure: